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NSW Rail Museum

10 Barbour Road, Thirlmere, NSW
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The NSW Rail Museum is one hour from Sydney, and tells the story of NSW rail history through Australia’s largest showcase of rolling stock, railway objects and memorabilia. From steam and diesel engines, to the electrification of the system in 1926 and how that impacts our suburban rail network today, allow your students to engage with rail history in the state's only rail museum.

Students gain insight into the way in which the railways changed lives by bringing people together, transporting goods and services across great distances and into new areas, providing people with jobs and building communities.

Supporting resources such as comprehensive Teachers Notes, a pre-visit slideshow and post-visit revision sheets are freely available from the museum website to help teachers plan for and get the most out of their visit.

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NSW Rail Museum Tour

NSW Rail Museum Tour

The NSW Rail Museum has a vast collection that provides a range of hands-on teaching and learning opportunities for school groups.

Kindergarten 1 2
Science Humanities & Social Science
Cost: From $5 Per Student
Ratio: 1:10 adults to students
Guiding: Guided, Teacher-led
Duration: 90 minutes