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Henry Kendall Cottage & Historical Museum

25 Henry Kendall St, West Gosford , NSW

Peter Fagan arrived in Sydney in 1821 from Ireland. In 1830 he took up a land grant of 40.47ha at Point Clare. In 1836 he purchased 24.28ha of land at West Gosford.

On this farm, he built the Red Cow Inn, which became known a short time later as Cooranbean. This building is known today as Henry Kendall Cottage.

The Fagan family made a significant contribution to the local area through their farming, citrus orchard, mail contracts, timber business, and breeding of cattle and champion race horses. They were one of the first to grow oranges in the Gosford area.

Between 1873-1875 the Fagan family cared for and provided employment for the Australian poet Henry Kendall.

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Henry Kendall Cottage Education Page

Henry Kendall Cottage Education Page

At Henry Kendall Cottage we like to welcome school excursions and our experienced volunteers can provide your students with an entertaining and historically informative experience.

The Arts Entertainment Physical Education
Cost: $2 Per Child
Ratio: n/a
Guiding: Guided, Teacher-led
Duration: 25-30 mins